Software Features

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Networking / Linking

Elite allows you to link up multiple pitches, even across tracks. A remote function allows users to view and manage their liabilities from any location.

Simple to setup - just select the join network option, enter a name for your network and away you go.

Pitch Options include:

  • See all pitches prices on your main betting screen.
  • Control prices of one pitch from any other pitch.
  • Link prices of one pitch with another pitch.
  • Choose which pitches see the full book.
  • See pitch reports and combined reports from any pitch
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Multiples Betting

Elite allows you to issue multiple bets like Doubles, Trebles, Lucky 15's etc. The ongoing liabilities of the bets are updated and included into your books from race to race.

Customer Support

The software has a troubleshooter feature which will highlight any devices not plugged in or not working correctly allowing you to fix the majority of the issues that we tend to see.

Support is available at all times whilst you are at the races. Sometimes we are there in person, especially at the bigger festival meetings. Other times we are available over the phone and also via online support where we can take control of you computer to help guide you through any issues.

Cash Reconciliation

With the aid of barcode scanners, Elite keeps track of your cash movements allowing you to print off end of day reports to balance your cash.

To help reduce payout errors, after scanning a ticket, the payout amount can be sent to any LED display you have including your LED Board so your staff can see exactly how much to pay for each ticket.

Card Payment Integration

The software has been updated to accommodate card payment devices.

Display Boards

All existing LED Boards, and LCD (TV) Screens are compatible with the Elite Software.

Multiple Keyboards and Printers

To maximise the efficiency of a pitch, you can either link a full back to back system on the same joint, or use our unique multi keyboard / multi printer approach, which requires just 1 laptop.

Customizable Display

Elite offers a wide range of customizable options to change the look and feel of the race screen to fit every taste from different colour scheme's to 50 editable data columns.